CTPP Profiles

using ACS 2006-2010 and Census 2010

These profiles include data from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey (ACS), the  2000 and 2010 Censuses, and the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) 2000. The profiles are designed to give transportation planners a handy way to examine trends by including two time points. The profiles are available for the U.S. total; all states; all counties; and places with population 5,000 or more, based on 2010 Census counts.

The transportation profile has the following tables: Table 1 Selected Characteristics; Total Persons, Persons in Households, Total Households, Average Household Size, Average Household Income, Average Number of Vehicles per Households, Percent of Persons in Poverty, Percent Minority, Percent of Persons 65 and Over, Percent of Persons Foreign Born. Table 2 Mode to Work;  Total Workers at Place of Residence, Mode to Work at Place of Residence and at Place of Work and Table 3 Mean Travel Time by Mode to Work.

As the survey methods are different, users need to understand how the ACS differs from the decennial census long form in 2000. Please read the notes for more information: Notes