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The Posters and accompanying materials are  presented in the same formats in which they were submitted by the authors.  The information is in a variety of software formats including MS Word, Power Point and Adobe PDF while the photos are jpegs.  Please contact the authors if you have particular questions regarding material.
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Synthesizing Parcel-Level Households Using Census 2000 Data (Muller) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2
Adding a Land Use Class Dimension to Correct, Improve, and Enlarge Employment Data in the ACS (Lemoges) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2
The PUMS and IPUMS of the 2000 Census (Azimi) Abstract   Poster    Photo
Disclosure and Utility of Census Journey-to-Work Flow data from the American Community Survey- Finding the Right Balance (Christopher) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2    Paper
Enhanced Inputs for Travel Demand Modeling: Using Census Data with Land Cover Data (Sarraf) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2
Environmental Justice for Long-Range Regional Transportation Plans: Using Census Data to Target Communities of Concern (Gossen) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2    Photo3
Using Census Data to Examine the Pedestrian Friendliness of the Built Environment (Young) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2    Paper
Florida Journey to Work GIS Web-Site (Catala) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2
ACS data in the analysis of race/ethnicity-specific travel behavior (Berman) Abstract   Poster1   Poster2   Photo
A Compendium of 2000 Census Commute Analyses for the Hampton Roads Region (Pickard) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2
Using Census Data to Develop a New Kentucky  Statewide Traffic Model (Walker) Abstract   Poster Part1   Poster Part2   Poster Part3  Photo1   Photo2
Getting Around Rounding and Suppression Issues with CTPP (Rohanna) Abstract   Poster    Photo1   Photo2
Smart Moves - Utilizing Census Data for Transit Planning (Cottrill) Abstract   Poster-ppt    Poster-pdf   Photo
Comparing Decennial Flow Data to Place of Work Data from the Local Employment Dynamic Program (Mix) Abstract   Poster1    Poster2   Photo1    Photo2
SIZE MATTERS: Using Census Block, Block-Group and Tract polygons in Transit Planning (Simon) Abstract    Poster    Photo
TriMetís Transportation Investment Plan (TIP): Ensuring Transit Equity with the US Census (Hardin) Abstract    Poster
Using the American Community Survey to Monitor the State of the System (Israel) Abstract   Poster (see files in folder)   Photo
How Census and CTPP 2000 Data Helped Us in the Use of Regional Travel Demand Forecast Model (Ju)  Abstract   Poster Layout    Poster Charts    Photo1   Photo2
Evaluation of CTPP 2000 for the Delaware Valley Region (Zakaria) Abstract   Poster1    Poster2   Photo1    Photo2
Comparison of 2000 JTW Census Data, Gravity Model, and O-D SMARTRAQ Travel Survey in the Development of the Distribution Model (Chen) Abstract    Poster    Photo1    Photo2    Photo3
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